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Help from Escape Shaker

What happens during a session ?

An Escape Game session is normally lasting one hour. You have also to add 15 min for the game introduction and 10/15 min for the debriefing time. To include those additionnal explanation time, most of the Escape Games will ask you to come a quarter of an hour before the beginning of the game or sometimes on schedule to avoid delays for the other sessions.

During the game introduction, the Game Master - the person who will be watching and helping during the game - explains you the operating rules.

Only then, you will be invited to enter the room. You generally have one hour to search, gather clues, think and resolve the mystery. The Game Master is watching you and can give you a hint if he/she finds it necessary or if you ask him/her to. A good Game Master should not intervene too frequently to not interfere with the game atmosphere but also he/she cannot leave a team stuck for too long in a riddle. The intervention is done through writing (papers, screen) or orally (talkie-walkie, loudspeakers).

Once you are out (or not ^^), the Game Master indicates your time (or not ^^) and makes a debriefing.
The Game Master often takes a picture of the team and sends it by email or through social networks.