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Help from Escape Shaker

You have some questions... This FAQ is for you!

In this FAQ, you will find answers on 'what is Escape Shaker' but also on 'Escape Games'. If you have some further questions, don't hesitate to contact us here.

What is Escape Shaker ?

Escape Shaker is a platform dedicated to Escape Games, that indicates availabilities of Escape Rooms. The purpose is to help players to search, find and book an escape room by showing them all the slots available each day.
The datas are updated according to all the bookings made in Escape Games website.

How can we book an Escape Room with Escape Shaker ?

Escape Shaker currently enables players to check availabilities. When a player clicks on 'Book' button, the player is automatically redirected on the booking page of the Escape Room chosen. The player then has to book the Escape Room through the Escape Game Website. Any questions on the booking should be asked to the Escape Game.

Why can differences be observed between availabilities in Escape Shaker and the Escape Game Website ?

When last minute booking an Escape Room (until 24h before), rooms can be displayed as available in Escape Shaker and not available in the Escape Game Website. Indeed, for organizational purpose, some Escape Games do not allow bookings 24 hours before through website. In some cases, bookings can be made but only by phone. You just have to check the Escape Game policy on that matter or contact them to see if it's possible to book.
For other cases, a reservation can be made between the moment you see the availabilities in Escape Shaker and the moment you want to book in the Escape Game Website or there can be a mistake, which will be fixed as soon as possible (don't hesitate to report it !).

Are there any additionnal fees accessing via Escape Shaker ?

No additionnal fees. Prices are Escape Games' prices. If there are some differences, don't hesitate to contact us. At the end, the customer will book through the Escape Game website and pay the correct price.

How are we calculating the ratings ?

Escape Rooms are rated from different ways on Escape Shaker.
The main rating is the average between bloggers ratings and players ratings. This rating is also used to make the Escape Game Top by city (in the webpages Tops and city Guides).
In each room details, there is a distinction between bloggers rating and players rating. Why ? The rating can be different because bloggers and players have different expectations on gameplay, gamemastering, riddle difficulty and generally on the room. Bloggers have higher expectations because there are more expert, critical and comparative with rooms.
Easier rooms can be severely rated by bloggers but well appreciated by players.

A scoring on the criteria diggings / decor / logic has been made by bloggers to guide players on the room characteristics.

How long is a game lasting ?

The game itself lasts, most of the time, about 60 minutes maximum. You have to add time for introduction and debriefing time. So about 1h30 in total.

Who can participate ? / What is the minimum age requirement ?

The game can be played with friends, family, colleagues (Team Building), between students... But there is a minimum age requirement. Please consult each Escape Game policy regarding the minimum age required.

How should people dress ?

No specific dress code but we recommand to wear something comfortable (more convenient to search the room) and avoid white clothes (some rooms are dusty). Some Escape Games offer to dress you up for the game.

Are there any physical activities during the game ?

No physical activities during the game.