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Tops of Escape Rooms

Do you want to have an overview on the best Escape Rooms ? What Bloggers and players think ? The top of Escape Games in Paris, and soon in other cities... Here the Top List ! Each top 10 is made with the average of bloggers and players ratings on Escape Shaker.


  • La Supérette

    La Supérette

    Room Rush
  • Le Sceau des Héritiers

    Le Sceau des Héritiers

    Le Sceau des Héritiers
  • Les 5 éléments

    Les 5 éléments

    Coop Escape
  • Episode 1 : L'épreuve

    Episode 1 : L'épreuve

  • La Grande Horloge

    La Grande Horloge

    Room Rush
  • L'inquiétant professeur Tychsen

    L'inquiétant professeur Tychsen

    Crack The Egg
  • La Came de White

    La Came de White

    Coop Escape
  • Very Bad Night

    Very Bad Night

    One Hour
  • Les Maîtres Du Temps

    Les Maîtres Du Temps

    60 Minutes Escape
  • Le casse du siècle

    Le casse du siècle

    Lock Academy