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Help from Escape Shaker

The Getting Started Guide

The concept of Escape Game :

By 'Escape Game' we refer here to 'Live Escape Game'. The concept is : you are locked in a room and you have to escape in a limited time (often 60 minutes) or to find an object/solve a riddle.
A Game Master is watching you during the game and can intervene if necessary to help you.
Before each game, the Game Master explains the rules and gives some advice. You can also ask him/her some questions.
The principles to keep in mind during an escape game are : Search, Communicate, Think and... Search again !

Search :

In an Escape Room, there are more or less things hidden in the room but no matter what, there will always be something to search.
Indeed, in the room, there might be clues, objects, keys, codes hidden. Don't hesitate to take a careful look around you : what does this pant do in the floor ? Is there any pocket ? Why are there some drawings in the wall ?
Don't hesitate to move objects and gather the clues. Physical strenght is not needed. You will have sometimes to move some objects/furniture but not an entire closet !

Communication :

Communication is the key ! It may seem obvious but it is often forgotten during the game. Indeed, if someone has found a code, and someone else the padlock, it would be a waste of time not telling out loud what has been found.
Communication is also good to exploit synergies in a team. We all think in our own way, so sharing each point of views can save time.

Thinking :

During a Escape Game, you will have to search, gather objects, but also resolve some riddles ! Your logic will be needed. Don't be afraid to share your theories, even if there are unlikely, sometimes it works !

Search... again :

In a game, when it comes to searching, don't trust each other, and more importantly, don't trust yourself ! If someone has searched a jacket but 'has found nothing', don't hesitate to search again. It is really easy to miss something and get stuck in some riddle because of searching.

Now that you know everything... Are you ready ?

To help you choose your first Escape Room :

On Escape Shaker, you can sort the rooms by difficulty level. Difficulty levels are communicated by the Escape Games or are set by the success rate. Difficulty level is subjective so some Escape Games choose not to show their difficulty levels (those rooms are listed as 'normal' in Escape Shaker). However, one should know that some Escape Rooms listed as 'expert' level, need some experiences in Escape Games (some instinct, way of thinking, riddles more complex).
We advice new players to choose 'beginners' or 'normal' level of difficulty.