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What is an Escape Game ?

A Live Escape Game is a live game where a team has to escape from a room.


The concept is originally from Asia, first as a video game, and then as a Live Escape Game. The first Live Escape Game in France was imported in Paris in 2013. The concept is now increasingly popular.

Principle of Escape Game

You gather a team (on average 5 people) and you are locked up in a room (Escape Room), in which you have to escape from. A Game Master is watching you during the game and can communicate with you to help you out. The number of people in a team often depends on the scenario and the room size.

Game purpose

Escape from a room, find a specific object or solve an investigation (Cluedo) in a time limit (generally 60 minutes).
You will have to solve the quickest way all the riddles by searching clues, keys or any object that might be usefull...
Escape Rooms scenarios are diverse but all request your team spirit !
Can be played with friends, family or colleagues !